About Us

I was born in Arizona and I have been married for over 6 years to my best friend Candace. I work with computers so some people think I'm really smart but I do not even know the square root of Pi. I have four kids, ( two girls and two boys) They keep me feeling young even though I'm the oldest. :)

 I'm the Queen of the house. I run the ship and tell everyone what to do. I have been married to Francisco and it feels like forever. We have great times with the kids, I always know what is going on even when I cannot see the kids. I have a third eye.

I was born in Virginia 2010 and I feel that I should be treated like a southern bell. I have a great sense of humor and can always make people laugh. I feel great when I'm playing with my brothers and my parents. My dad is the funniest person that I know. (I know a lot people) My favorite team is Arsenal FC.

I was born in August 2012 to wonderful parents. They treat me like a KING, always give me what I wanted and they still wipe my bum. Best feeling in the world. My sister takes care of me and  we loving playing together especially when I have her in a headlock.
I still need a night light but I don't need an stuff bear anymore.

I'm new to this world. I know that I have a lot to learn but right now I'm just chilling and relaxing and drinking lots of milk. I LOVE MILK. I started crawling and it's a lot of fun. Know I know how it feels to be a dog. 


I am the youngest of the family. I feel like a baby. So   far my life is great. At the moment my life goal is to 
keep my parents up all night. I have been able to do it
so far.   

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